How to Obtain an Influencer License in the UAE?

As one of the most vibrant and happening places in the world, the UAE is an ideal destination for social media influencers to reside and work. Being a social media influencer has become a rewarding career choice in the UAE with more and more users relying on influencers before making purchase decisions.

An influencer is someone whose opinions impact people’s culture, views, and purchase decisions. Hence, it is necessary that only the most suitable individuals are legally authorized to work as influencers. To ensure that influencers in the UAE are regulated, the National Media Council (NMC) introduced an influencer license a few years back.

Who requires an influencer license in the UAE?

The influencer license is mandatory for any UAE resident earning monetary benefits or gifts from promotional work on social media. It must be noted that the influencer license is only granted to individuals with a UAE residency visa.

This means any individual looking to move to the UAE and take up influencer work needs to first obtain a trade license in Dubai and apply for a UAE residency visa. Once the visa has been issued, the individual can apply for an influencer license.

An influencer doing promotional work in the UAE without a license can attract severe penalties. Once obtained, an influencer license needs to be renewed annually.

Categories for NMC’s influencer license

Officially known as the E-Media License, NMC’s influencer license is issued under three (3) categories:

Category 1
Individuals who would like to operate as independent social media influencers need to apply for Category 1 licenses.

Category 2
If a group of influencers is looking to collaborate and form a company, a Category 2 license needs to be obtained.

Category 3
You can sign up with a licensed influencer agency that covers multiple influencers.

Process of obtaining an influencer license

As mentioned earlier, the influencer license is issued only to UAE residents. You can apply for a business license at any of the UAE’s free zones and obtain UAE residency. A free zone business license in the UAE can be obtained at affordable prices, that too without leasing an office space.  Meydan Free Zone in Dubai offers business licenses at the most competitive prices.

With a business license from Meydan FZ, you can procure a UAE residency visa post which you can obtain the influencer license and consult globally. Below are a few steps to obtain your business license, UAE residency visa, and influencer license. It is advisable to work with a business setup service provider to assist you with the below-given steps.

    1. Business license application

Here’s how you can apply for a business license at Meydan Free Zone:

    1. Reserve your business name
    2. The following documents need to be submitted:
      • Application form
      • Passport copy
      • Passport-sized photos
      • Latest UAE entry stamp/visit visa copy
      • Address proof
    1. UAE residency visa application

Here are the steps for obtaining a UAE residency visa:

    1. Establishment card application and issuance
    2. E-channel registration
    3. E-visa application and issuance
    4. UAE entry or change of status
    5. Medical test
    6. Biometrics process
    7. Health insurance
    8. Visa approval
    9. Emirates ID issuance
    1. Influencer license application

The following documents need to be submitted for obtaining the influencer license:

    • Business license
    • Residency visa copy
    • Emirates ID copy
    • Passport copy
    • Coloured passport-sized photos (white background)

InZone is a leading business setup service provider based in Dubai, UAE. We can comprehensively assist you in obtaining your influencer license from NMC as well as obtaining a business license from Meydan FZ and a UAE residency visa.

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