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Step 1
Step 1

Select your Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority pack from the pricing below.

Step 2
Step 2

We will prepare the documents and apply for your company’s incorporation.

Step 3
Step 3

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority will grant a license to carry out business.

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Below are the steps for setting up a company with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA):


Step 1 – Place the order on our website, and we will prepare your application.

We will prepare and submit the final application with supporting documents for DSOA’s initial approval.


Step 2 – Signing of company incorporation documents.

After initial approval, you will sign the agreements / documents for company formation along with a lease agreement.


Step 3 – You will receive your company license.

DSOA will register the company and issue the license. You can then kick start your business.

About Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA)

Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) is one of the leading free zones and an integrated technology park situated in the Emirate of Dubai. DSOA is not only a free zone for businesses in the UAE but it also is a residential community. This free zone provides a modern twist in its office spaces and residential units, which brings an eye-catching scope to its investors.

DSOA is one of the ideal free zones of choice for company set-ups as their packages are very cost-effective. Even the process for the company set-up is very easy with minimum documents required. Here are the other benefits for setting up a company with DSOA:

  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits.
  • Zero income tax.
  • Zero import or export tax.
  • Remote process for company set-up.
  • Wide range of permitted business activities.
  • Visa and non-visa packages available.
  • DSOA provides an integrated balance of a living and working community.
  • Low cost of operations.
  • DSOA offers support services for running businesses.

Five reasons to set up a Company with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority

UAE has around forty-five (45) free zones and each free zone is offering their own set of benefits to the company owners. All the free zones aim to attract business owners by offering incentives such as 100 % foreign ownership, 100 % repatriation of capital, zero income and corporate tax etc. These advantages, although basic and standard for any free zone, are instrumental for any free zone in getting second glances of businessmen and entrepreneurs. On the other hand, these benefits can confuse potential business owners while they address the obvious concern: “which free zone is right for my company?”.

Well, the same question also pops up (maybe in a different form) when people set up their company with the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA). One usually asks: “Should I form a company with DSOA?”, “Is DSOA right for my company?”, “Will my company operations run smoothly with DSOA or any other free zone?”.

Rather than attempting to answer the above question marks by telling you that DSOA is best suited for your company’s needs, we have listed below the five (5) reasons that make DSOA distinct from other free zones:

1. DSOA is Ideally Situated

One would not be wrong in arguing that DSOA’s location in Dubai puts it at the very centre of the business world. Dubai and DSOA’s central location provide DSOA companies access to the major financial centres within and outside of the UAE. DSOA companies normally find it easier to partner with other companies in Dubai and UAE. These companies are even able to easily benefit from the talent pool that Dubai has to offer.

2. DSOA Permits Multiple Business Activities

DSOA allows companies to conduct multiple activities falling under four (4) simple license types. The four (4) licenses offered by DSOA are: trade license, industrial license, service license and a special license. Under the first three license types companies can import, export and distribute, manufacture, process, assemble and provide a host of services. The special license (also known as the business operation permit) is granted to the companies that are already registered with the Dubai Economy. The license enables these companies to operate from a special administrative zone of DSOA.

3. DSOA Companies have Simple Legal Forms

The companies formed with DSOA primarily have two distinct legal forms namely: free zone establishment (FZE) and free zone company (FZCO). Incorporation of a company as one of the above legal forms depends on the number of shareholders. FZE companies can only have one (1) shareholder whereas FZCO companies can have two (2) or more shareholders. The shareholder(s) can be an individual or a corporation.

DSOA also allows foreign companies to set up branch offices. However, the only precondition is that a branch office must carry out the same business as the parent company.

Another reason that makes DSOA stand out is that it allows companies holding a Dubai Economy license to operate within the free zone. DSOA grants such companies the business operation permit that entitles them to operate in DSOA’s administrative zone.

4. Too Many Office and Residential Spaces

DSOA is a perfect blend of work-life balance. DSOA allows one to work and live in the free zone by offering various options to set up office and residence.

DSOA provides multiple workspace options that are easily customizable to fit the operational requirements of any company.  The DSOA facilities are filled with ‘plug and play’ offices that come with pre-existing internet connection, voice and data cables, data centre, car parking etc. These offices can easily accommodate up to five hundred (500) members of a company. Companies can also access conference rooms to comfortably host clients or to discuss that pathbreaking business plan.

In terms of residential options, DSOA has modern apartments and fashionable villas. Shops, schools, banks, post offices, cafes and restaurants that assist both in day-to-day functioning and recreation fill up DSOA’s landscape.

5. DSOA is a Focused Free Zone

Even though DSOA permits several business activities it focuses to be a technology centre for IT, industrial research, and development businesses. DSOA can already be titled as home to UAE’s technology start-ups. DSOA offers special office spaces to aid the technology companies. There are various innovative rooms, creative hubs, partner labs designed across DSOA that fit hand in glove with ideas and operations of DSOA’s technology companies.

If based on the above points you feel that DSOA is a right fit for your company then please feel free to contact us for any assistance. InZone is specialized to deliver simple and streamline company formation services. We provide services for all free zone, offshore and mainland company formations. Our dedicated account managers will provide end to end service in the formation of your company.

Types of DSOA Licenses

DSOA offers extensive business packages for company set-ups with which companies can conduct certain permitted activities. Business owners can set up companies, which are granted the following licenses:

  • Service license: DSOA offers various licenses for different types of professional services.
  • Trade license: This includes activities such as import, export and distribution of goods.
  • Industrial license: This license is granted for activities such as manufacturing, processing, assembling, import of raw material and export of finished products.
  • Special licenses: DSOA grants special business operation permits to companies that are already registered with the Dubai Economy and wish to operate in the administrative zone of DSOA. The DSOA administrative zone is comprised of DSOA’s freehold / leasehold properties owned through private developers.

Types of DSOA Companies

DSOA allows incorporation of the following types of companies:

  • Free zone establishment (FZE): A company registered by a single shareholder that can either be an individual or a corporation.
  • Free zone company (FZCO): A company incorporated with minimum two (2) shareholders. Similar to an FZE, this company can have individual(s) or corporation(s) as its shareholders.
  • Brach: An existing UAE or foreign company can open its branch in DSOA. It is mandatory that the activity of the branch must be similar to the activity of the parent company.
  • Dubai Economy registered companies: Companies holding a Dubai Economy license can operate in the administrative zone of DSOA. Such a company must apply for the business operation permit.

Workspace for a DSOA Company

DSOA gives the following options for setting up offices:

  • DSOA Headquarters: ‘Plug and play’ offices are available starting from 160 sq. ft. Additional facilities include high speed internet, data centre, car parking, voice and data cables etc. The offices are surrounded by banks, post offices, restaurants, and coffee shops.
  • Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus (Dtec): Dtec is a home to several start-ups. Dtec specialises in supporting technology businesses by providing suitable office spaces. Dtec is a creatively designed landscape that can be accessed 24X7. The office spaces come with access to conference rooms, creative rooms, corporate partner labs. Dtec has its own recreational spaces in form of games rooms and cafes.
  • Technohub 2: This office place offers flexible plug and play options for a company having 2 to 500 (two to five hundred) employees. Companies can set up offices in both unfurnished and furnished spaces.

Apart from the above office spaces, the staff of DSOA companies can access the below mentioned conference facilities:

  • DSOA conference rooms: These rooms have state of the art facilities and can accommodate up to thirty (30) individuals. The DSOA conference rooms are equipped with high-tech audio-video systems.
  • The meeting room: These are small rooms that are fit for up to ten (10) people. Latest multimedia systems are deployed in the meeting room to give its users a seamless experience.
  • Innovation stadium: This conference room has a maximum capacity of forty (40) people and is specially designed for brainstorming, seminars, workshops and team building trainings.

Get Started with Your Dubai Silicon Oasis Company Formation

InZone Corporate Services Provider is a leading business set-up service provider in the UAE and would be pleased to help you with the end-to-end process on your business requirements from company set-up, visa process and bank account services. If you are looking to start your business, our dedicated account managers would be pleased to assist you. Contact us today!

Key Features

Below are characteristic features of Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority Companies:

Free Zone DubaiDSOA is one of the most prominent free zones in Dubai.
Type of CompanyFZE (one shareholder), FZCO (multiple shareholders), and branches.
No Requirements for AccountingNo accounting or financial report requirements for companies under DSOA license.
Office SpacesDSOA offers multiple office space and conference space options.
Support ServicesDSOA offers post incorporation support services.
100% OwnershipExpats can own 100% shares of the company.
Paid Up Capital RequirementNo amount required to be paid for the capital.
Free Zone Dubai
DSOA is one of the most prominent free zones in Dubai.
Type of Company
FZE (one shareholder), FZCO (multiple shareholders), and branches.
No Requirements for Accounting
No accounting or financial report requirements for companies under DSOA license.
Office Spaces
DSOA offers multiple office space and conference space options.
Support Services
DSOA offers post incorporation support services.
100% Ownership
Expats can own 100% shares of the company.
Paid Up Capital Requirement
No amount required to be paid for the capital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most common questions related to DSOA.

The cost company set-up with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority starts from AED 11,800.

No. Having a company with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority will entitle you to have 100% ownership of the company without the requirement of a local sponsor.

No. You are not required to be in the UAE for the setting up of your company with Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority. This process can be done remotely.

It is not required. However, the packages for the Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority company formation includes a flexi desk that can be used for 10 hours per month.

The company formation takes 4-5 business days once all the required documents have been submitted and signed.

This can be done after the company has been set-up and all the company documents are available.

Yes. Both of these activities can be combined in 1 license with an applicable fee.

There is a maximum of 3 activities that can be added on your license. If you wish to add more activities, then there will be an applicable fee.

Yes. However, a pre-approval process can be done before the company set-up to ensure that the company can be established successfully.

Currently, the immigration has postponed the issuance of UAE residence visas for visa holders outside the UAE. You will have to travel in the UAE and change the status of your visa from tourist to residence visa.

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