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  • Easy VAT Registration
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Why Outsource VAT?

Easy VAT Registration

Avail thorough guidance for the VAT registration procedures on FTA’s online portals.

VAT Implementation Assistance

Understand the adjustments needed to make your current operations VAT compliant.

Ensure VAT Compliance

Receive all the services you need to comply with your VAT obligations in the UAE.

Avoid VAT Penalties

Avoid paying fines for improper record maintenance, and delayed or incorrect return filing.

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Our VAT Services

VAT Registration

We offer complete assistance with both mandatory and voluntary VAT registration in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE. Our assistance includes ...

VAT Advisory

We conduct a detailed review of the daily operations, transactions, and existing accounting structure of your business. Following this review, ...

VAT Return Filing

You can count on us for comprehensive assistance with VAT return filing in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE. From compiling relevant documents ...

VAT Refund

If your input VAT exceeds your output VAT, you can claim a VAT refund. We advise you on the documents required, liaise with the FTA for ...

Government Departments

We can help you with the processes in the following government departments.

Government Departments
Government Departments
Government Departments
Government Departments
Government Departments
Government Departments
Government Departments
Government Departments
Government Departments
Government Departments

Why Choose Us?

Leverage Our Expertise

Our VAT consultants in Dubai are well familiar with the way the UAE’s tax system works and have an in-depth understanding of the VAT laws. We are equipped with hands-on tax and accounting experience to assist you with all VAT-related matters in the UAE.

Receive Certified Help

All our VAT consultants hold accredited qualifications and are compliant with the FTA (Federal Tax Authority). With extensive experience in VAT-related matters, we help you simplify all procedures and fulfill your VAT obligations in the UAE.

Save Time & Costs

Handling all VAT-related matters on your own could be a daunting and time-consuming affair. By outsourcing VAT services to us, you will benefit from our tax expertise and save on time and resources spent on managing VAT.

File Accurate Returns

You can incur heavy penalties if you fail to file your VAT returns accurately or in a timely manner. Our VAT consultants in Dubai help you stay on top of your VAT returns and file them on regular basis.

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Your VAT Obligations Are Taken Care of

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Your VAT Obligations Are Taken Care of

The UAE’s VAT Policy

VAT was introduced in the UAE and other GCC countries in the year 2018. Below given are the applicable rules for VAT in the UAE.

  • VAT registration in the UAE is mandatory for businesses with an annual turnover over AED 375,000. Businesses with an annual turnover of AED 187,500 are eligible for voluntary VAT registration in the UAE.
  • VAT is applied at a rate of 5% on most goods and services in the UAE. Certain goods are zero-rated, such as those to be exported outside GCC member states. Services such as financial services and public transport are exempt from VAT.
  • VAT registration remains mandatory even if a product or service is zero-rated. However, selling a product or service considered VAT-exempt does not require VAT registration in the UAE.
UAE Accounting Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the common questions related to VAT in the UAE.

If the taxable supplies and imports equal AED 187,500 (half of the mandatory registration threshold of AED 375,000), a business may voluntarily register for VAT.

If a company’s taxable imports and supplies surpass the registration threshold of AED 375,000, it must mandatorily register for VAT.

Exempted supplies include items and services that are not subject to VAT. On the other hand, zero-rate supplies are taxable supplies for which VAT should be charged at 0%.

Input VAT is the applicable VAT on the goods/services purchased from the supplier whereas output VAT is the applicable VAT on the goods/services sold to the customer.

Some of the reasons why you could incur VAT fines and penalties are listed below.
1. Failure to register for VAT when mandatory
2. VAT return filing delays
3. Incorrect VAT return filing
4. Failure to maintain accounting records
5. Failure to de-register when required

Businesses will be eligible to register as a VAT group if they meet specific criteria like having the same owner(s) and being based in the same GCC country. Such a tax group will be assigned a single VAT number and file a single VAT return.

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