Donation to the Development Support Fund of Vanuatu

Any person can apply for the citizenship of Vanuatu by donating a minimum of USD 135,000 to its development support fund. The donation can be paid in three (3) instalments. Apart from the donation amounts, other fees are also chargeable.

Apply for Citizenship of Vanuatu

The fees are tabulated below:

Instalment Plan
Fee TypeMain applicantMain applicant and spouseFamily of four (two dependents below 16 years)Family of four (two dependents above 16 years)Additional Dependent
InZone’s Professional FeesUSD 9,999USD 10,999USD 11,999USD 11,999USD 399
First Donation PaymentUSD 10,000USD 10,000USD 10,000USD 10,000USD 0
Second Donation PaymentUSD 31,250USD 36,250USD 40,000USD 43,750USD 3,750
Third Donation PaymentUSD 93,750USD 108,750USD 120,000USD 131,250USD 11,250
Courier FeesUSD 200USD 200USD 200USD 200USD 0
Bank FeesUSD 300USD 300USD 300USD 300USD 0
Passport FeesIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedUSD 0
Local Lawyer Professional FeesIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedUSD 0
TotalUSD 145,499USD 166,499USD 182,499USD 197,499USD 15,399
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