Due to the many advantages of establishing a firm in Dubai mainland, such as the wide range of trade alternatives, limitless visa quotas, and much more, Dubai mainland licenses are a typical and popular license-type among investors and entrepreneurs. The standards that apply to you and the type of trade license you need to obtain, can vary depending on your intended business activities, the structure of your company, and other aspects.

Different Kinds of Mainland Dubai Licenses

Professional Trade License:

The UAE government mandates that all professionals, specialists, craftsmen, and artisans get a professional trade license to establish a mainland business in Dubai. These licenses typically require the applicant to demonstrate specific qualifications or training.

Commercial Trade License:

To set up a business in Dubai, anyone looking to engage in any type of trade activity, including the purchase and sale of products and commodities, needs to obtain a commercial trade license.

Industrial Trade License:

An industrial trade license is required for companies wishing to operate in the United Arab Emirates and carry out manufacturing or industrial activities. This license enables the companies to carry out operations involving processes like the conversion of natural materials or the integration of natural resources into their final products.

How to Obtain a Mainland License in Dubai

With the Department of Economic Development in charge of the registration procedure, it’s easy to obtain a mainland license in Dubai by following these steps:

Step 1: Decide on a business activity you want to undertake in the mainland of Dubai. 

Step 2: Select a legal form or structure. This is implied by the DED and is a requirement for all firms operating in Dubai.

Step 3: Choose a name for your business or company that will serve as its trademark. 

Step 4: Submit an application for first approval, which gives you the go-ahead to launch your company in the mainland of Dubai.

Step 5: Get external approvals from judicial authorities, municipalities, ministries, and other government bodies in Dubai. 

Step 6: Complete the paperwork and documentation for obtaining a business license.

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Perks of a Mainland License in Dubai

Take a look at the advantages that entrepreneurs and investors get when they obtain a mainland business license in Dubai:  

  1. You can conduct business with other mainland companies if you hold a mainland license. Businesses in the mainland have unrestricted access to the UAE and other countries.  
  2. Opening a store or office anywhere in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is one of the key advantages of possessing a mainland business license. Additionally, this expands your company’s nationwide reach.   
  3. Mainland businesses can apply for visa quotas based on their office size. The visa quota allotted to a business increases as the office size increases
  4. Most mainland business activities are permitted 100% foreign ownership.

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Price to Obtain a Mainland License in Dubai

The price for a Dubai mainland license depends on several factors such as the type of business activity, number of visas, etc. For more information, get in touch with our business setup advisors.