4 Steps To Bounce Back from Failure

4 Steps To Bounce Back from Failure

If there is one certain thing in this uncertain world, it has to be failure. No matter how committed we are to achieving our goals, and how meticulously we plan our path, things do not always go our way and we are hit by failure. Well, this failure may be a result of our own mistakes or an outcome of situations beyond our control. Regardless of the reason, failure hits us and hits hard. And let’s admit it, the feeling of hitting rock bottom is one that is hard to overcome.

Here are 4 steps to recover from failure and move towards achieving your objectives.

Acknowledge your failure

The first and foremost step after failure is acceptance. Be it frustration, disappointment, sadness, or despair, accept your feelings. Remember that it is perfectly normal to feel that way after failing and that failure is an inevitable part of life. Though recovery sounds difficult, or impossible at certain times, keep in mind that failure is not a dead end. J.K. Rowling is a prominent example of someone who experienced repeated failures and battled depression. We all know how big a phenomenon she went on to become after the success of Harry Potter.

Learn your lessons

There’s no better teacher than failure. Identify your mistakes, analyze what went wrong, and what you could have done instead, and learn your lessons so as to not repeat the same mistakes again. It is failure after all that helps you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. As an example, Steve Jobs failed with several of his products, was fired from his own company, learned his lessons, and made a comeback that no one expected. His story serves as a reminder that failure gives you the best lessons in life.

View failure as an opportunity

Failure can be seen as an opportunity that prompts you to adopt a problem-solving approach and gives you the ability to face adversity in life. It is a little-known fact that Bill Gates failed with his first startup Traf-O-Data, a venture he says made it possible for him to acquire a deeper understanding of microprocessors and eventually helped him succeed with Microsoft. Had it not been for his failure with Traf-O-Data, it is possible that Bill Gates may not have been able to turn Microsoft into a success.

Keep moving towards your vision

When we think about people who persisted with their vision after failure, James Dyson immediately comes to mind. What many are unaware of is that the man behind Dyson Ltd, a market leader in vacuum cleaners, failed with thousands of prototypes before revolutionizing the industry with the bagless vacuum cleaner. Remember that failure is not the end but a part of your journey towards fulfilling your vision.

If viewed with a positive perspective, failure presents a goldmine of learning opportunities and is something that shouldn’t be feared. Always bear in mind that after constant failures and corresponding comebacks, you will eventually achieve success, and upon looking back, you shall realize that these so-called ‘failures’ happened for a reason.

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