Widely recognised as the UAE’s cultural capital, Sharjah is now gaining recognition as a business hub on a global scale. Home to numerous free zones and industrial areas, Sharjah offers you all the key ingredients to set up and drive your business forward. In this article, we will talk about the five (5) main reasons for choosing Sharjah to start your dream business.

Affordable Business Setup

The emirate of Sharjah gives you the benefit of setting up businesses at affordable costs. Sharjah’s free zones offer business licenses at a very modest price. Additionally, Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) issues some of the most affordable mainland company permits in the UAE. Besides, the office lease rates in Sharjah are relatively reasonable.

Ideal Location

As a major business and trading hub, Sharjah offers unmatched access to global and regional markets. With a business in Sharjah, you can have excellent logistical advantages thanks to the emirate’s major seaport (Port Khalid) and airport (Sharjah International Airport), and close proximity to the Dubai International Airport. Besides, Sharjah has excellent road connectivity to other emirates of the UAE.

Low Cost of Living

As Sharjah is well-known for its comparatively low cost of living, it will be quite convenient for you to reside in the emirate and be close to your place of business. If you plan on providing housing for your staff, Sharjah’s low cost of housing can be quite advantageous for you. Besides rents, Sharjah has modest costs for transportation, education, and utilities, making it an affordable place to live and set up a business.

Government Support

The government of Sharjah has introduced a host of initiatives to attract foreign investment. Sharjah’s investor-friendly business policies coupled with a modern legal framework are key reasons behind the emirate’s stable economy and its rise to prominence as a business hub. The launch of multiple free zones, business incubators, and funding programmes demonstrates the Sharjah government’s support to encourage entrepreneurship in the emirate.

Easy Access to Labour

Sharjah is home to a large number of skilled professionals from across the world. As there is a skilled labour pool in Sharjah, businesses can easily hire qualified employees who can spur productivity, innovation, and growth in a variety of industries, including technology, engineering, finance, healthcare, media, pharmaceuticals, and education.

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