What is empowerment and how can it be done?

When we talk about the success stories of individuals, we simply cannot ignore the contribution of people around them who helped these stories come through. Let’s put it straight: people form the building blocks of any success story. How your success story will shape up very much depends on your people. So, how is it that you can bring the best out of your people? What do you think can motivate your people to do what is expected from them? Or in other words, how do you strengthen these ‘building blocks’ of your success story? The answer to these questions is a simple action – empowerment.

So, what exactly does empowerment mean? Empowerment in its very essence means enabling your people to make independent decisions and take ownership of their actions. Basically, the premise behind empowering someone is to ensure their personal and professional growth. Here are some of the ways you can empower your people:

  • Give the right authority
  • Allow the freedom to take risks
  • Appreciate efforts and achievements
  • Provide adequate resources
  • Impart the essential skills
  • Give constructive feedback
  • Accept inputs and ideas
  • Involve them in decision-making

How does empowerment benefit your people?

As empowered individuals have more freedom to decide what they will be doing and how, they experience increased levels of motivation and give their best at whatever it is that they do. Empowered people generally feel confident about their own abilities, express more trust in their superiors, and exhibit more creativity and engagement at work. Simply put, individuals who are empowered perform way better than those who are not.

How empowered people make a successful organization?

Empowered people are key to the success of any organization. Empowerment, when done right, and done with the right people, can help you and your people move in the right direction. So, when people are given the opportunity to take initiative and responsibility, the result is nothing but a benefit for the entire organization. So, make sure to empower your people, and see them and yourself become success stories.