Free zone in UAE are like stocks as they have the potential of increasing your investments by leaps and bounds. This is because the growth of a company is directly proportional to the growth of the free zone. Therefore, it is important for each company owner (especially new business owners) to set up a company and do business with not only the prominent free zones, but with free zones that have the potential to be market leaders in the future. This means that your investment (in your free zone company) is low when the free zone is competing like an underdog, whereas your returns are heavy when free zone emerges as a winner by beating the top dogs.

One such free zone in the UAE will immensely benefit its companies in 2021 by attracting a million eyes. It is the free zone hosting the Dubai Expo 2020, namely the Dubai South Free Zone. The Dubai Expo with its theme ‘connecting minds, creating the future’ aims to find key solution to global problems by collaborating among countries, cultures, and businesses. The Dubai Expo anticipates hosting at least 25 million global visitors, making the Dubai South Free Zone a global playground.

This is one reasons as to why business owners are flooding the gates of Dubai South Free Zone for incorporation of their companies. Some of the other reasons are:

1. Time and Cost

The Dubai South free zone offers timely company incorporation services, as it incorporates companies within a span of three (3) to seven (7) days. The incorporation prices are competitive and affordable when compared with similar license types and business activities offered by other free zones in the area.

2. Geography

We often say that location is everything for a free zone. The Dubai South Free Zone because of its location offers easy accessibility to its company owners. The free zone is connected to the Jebel Ali Sea Port and Al Maktoum International Airport. In fact, due to its favourable location, the Dubai South Free Zone was chosen as the venue for the Dubai Expo 2020. Logistically, the Dubai South Free Zone is situated at the interconnection of the three major roads in Dubai i.e. Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road, Emirates Road and the Sheik Zayed Road. This allows business owners to easily operate from the free zone whilst they choose to live in the centre of Dubai city.

3. 100 % Ownership and Repatriation of Profits

The Dubai South being a free zone allows non-UAE nationals to fully own a company, without having to partner up with a UAE national. This means that you operate your company as per your whims and fancies, and you keep your profits. Profits made by the Dubai South Free Zone company can be fully repatriated outside of the UAE, without any interference. Since UAE is a tax-free nation, no corporate or personal tax is levied on your profits. All your profits are yours.

If you think that the Dubai South Free Zone is the right free zone for your business, then do contact us. InZone is specialised in facilitating swift and smart company formation solutions.


Now, the art lies in identifying an underdog that can serve to be a goldmine for you and your company. In terms of free zones, there can be different parameter that can help us to identify a free zone that is destined to grow. We are not going to give all are secrets away by in

However, one clear parameter is to look for a free zone that will attracting a billion eyes.