The Artificial Intelligence industry is booming and well on its way to revolutionizing the world. By rolling out multiple programmes to support AI innovation, the UAE is leaving no stone unturned to become a global AI hub. The introduction of the Artificial Intelligence and Coding License by DIFC comes as the latest addition to the UAE’s initiatives to advance in the field of AI.

The AI and Coding License

The AI and Coding License has been introduced as a move to attract leading firms and professionals in the field of Artificial Intelligence. The license launched in cooperation with the UAE Artificial Intelligence Office aims to strengthen the UAE’s reputation in the field of AI. By holding this license, companies will be entitled to operate at the DIFC Innovation Hub. Moreover, employees of these companies earn the opportunity to obtain the coveted golden visas as well. With 500+ firms, DIFC Innovation Hub happens to be the largest cluster of innovation and tech companies in the GCC. With this first-of-a-kind initiative, DIFC’s stature as a global ambassador of AI is projected to further increase.

UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

The launch of this license is seen as a commitment to the UAE National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence 2031. Adopted in 2019, the strategy aims to make the UAE a world leader in the AI sector by 2031 and significantly improve the UAE’s economy, education, and governance.

As part of this strategy, AI technology will be heavily adopted by industries like tourism, resources and energy, logistics, healthcare, and cyber security. As an example, the resource and energy sector would adopt AI for energy-saving decisions and understanding the global supply and demand for oil. Another example is the tourism sector, where AI would be used to predict the requirements of tourists and offer customised services.

A major goal of this strategy is widespread implementation of AI in the public sector. The motive behind this implementation is to facilitate efficiency and expedition of government services. Besides making the services error-free and less time-consuming, implementation of AI will significantly bring down their cost.

The strategy aims to make UAE a competitive hub for AI research and innovation. To achieve this, attracting the right AI talent and entrepreneurs was deemed necessary, and hence the AI and Coding License has been launched.

Other Government Reforms to Support the AI Industry

From forming the UAE Council for AI to launching a host of programmes, the government is taking great strides to nurture the AI industry. On the educational front, undergraduate and postgraduate courses for AI are being offered at several universities. Besides, scholarships are also being offered to students pursuing courses in the UAE and abroad. Initiatives like the National Program for Coders, UAE Artificial Intelligence Internship Program, and Artificial Intelligence Summer Camp aim to promote talent and innovation in the IT field.

Key Takeaway

The launch of the AI and Coding License is bound to be a game-changer in the UAE’s business sphere. Perks like golden visas will attract the right pool of AI professionals and ensure there is no shortage of talent. With AI all set to become a substantial part of the UAE’s industrial, education, and governance fields, the stage is all set for AI companies.

The ample opportunities on offer make this the right time to tap into the UAE’s AI industry. If you are looking to set up an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Company in the UAE, DIFC could be the ideal jurisdiction for you. With numerous tech firms and plenty of licensing and co-working options, DIFC can be the perfect launchpad for your AI business. InZone provides end-to-end services to its clients for setting up companies at DIFC.