Top 5 Ideas for Low-Cost Business Setup in Dubai for 2024

Top 5 Ideas for Low-Cost Business Setup in Dubai for 2024

When we think about low-cost business setup in Dubai, numerous concepts flock to our mind, and rightfully so, considering the Emirate’s status as a diverse economy. However, as someone looking for the best of entrepreneurship opportunities, you would expect a list of the most viable ones. And that’s exactly what we have brought to you. Here are our top 5 small business ideas for Dubai in 2024:

1. Dropshipping

If you are looking to take up an e-commerce business in Dubai without the burden of aspects like shipping, storage, etc, dropshipping could be a great opportunity for you. Dropshipping basically involves selling products without stocking them and stands out as a great small business idea in Dubai with a low investment since it does not require you to invest in warehousing and shipping. Considering the major shift of shopping activities towards the online realm, and its constantly rising popularity over the years, dropshipping is an excellent business to take up, especially in a place like Dubai which has a massive internet population.

2. Tourism Business

Let’s take a moment to grasp the fact that over 14 million tourists visited Dubai in 2023. If 2023 was excellent for the UAE’s tourism industry, 2024 will be even better, and so will be every subsequent year. Hence, it’s no secret that Dubai is one of the world’s top travel destinations, and a tourism venture emerges as one of the best businesses with a low investment and a high profit. You can choose from numerous activities like selling tourism packages, travel insurance services, visa support services, etc. With a growing influx of tourists and the corresponding demand for tourism-related services, there is ample scope for a tourism business to grow and flourish in the UAE.

3. Beauty Salon

In a discussion about evergreen industries, we simply cannot leave out the beauty service industry. Being a business that majorly runs on repeat customers, and offers services whose demand will never really go down, a beauty salon is another good business idea in Dubai with a low investment. You can either offer an all-in-one service or choose from a plethora of specializations like hairdressing, skincare, nail care, etc. As a place known for its high standards of living, Dubai makes for an ideal destination for setting up a beauty salon.

4. Restaurant

Dubai is home to over 13,000 restaurants and surpasses cities like New York when it comes to the restaurants per capita figure. Being a region with a predominantly male expat population, who usually do not prefer cooking on their own, Dubai makes for an ideal place to run a small restaurant. With 2024 likely to see a rise in expats relocating to the Emirates, a restaurant can be a great business idea in the UAE. As with any business in Dubai, opening a restaurant will require you to obtain certain permits and relevant trade license in Dubai. It is recommended to acquire professional assistance from business setup service providers to expedite the process and complete all procedures in a hassle-free way.

5. Internet Marketing

As businesses have realized the importance of building a strong online presence in the current era, a large proportion of the marketing budget is now being directed toward digital marketing. In a competitive business environment like Dubai, companies go the extra mile with their digital marketing efforts. This is exactly what makes internet marketing such a strong business idea in Dubai. Moreover, as a digital business, an internet marketing venture can be set up with minimal infrastructure, and remote working personnel, and this makes it one of our recommendations for low-cost business setup in Dubai.

So, these were our top 5 recommendations for small business ideas in Dubai with a low budget. Hope this article gave you enough insights to start a business in Dubai with a minimum investment.

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